23.11. – 21.12.2016//Marianne Mispelaëre

Between two fires,

Standing here, we are in between what we can see and what has already been depicted, in between what we feel and what we understand of our environment. «Between two fires» suggests another reading of our times in regard to history. We are blind between acts of destruction (in particular the autodafé) and their consequences. Created especially for the Schauraum, this exhibition questions the role of the legible and the invisible in our society, it challenges notions of common space and consciousness – and therefore the autonomy of individual acts inside a system. Autodafé is a kind of typography inspired by the empty space around the letters. If people burn books, they burn letters. If they burn letters, how can the residues be an expression? The sentences (confer. at the other side) aim to focus on sources and consequences of the world surrounding us by stressing the negative space. In the video Sauter par dessus son ombre, the artist burns a book. The fire gives light so she can read but at the same time, she can only read a small portion of each page. Something from outside forces her to read fragments – the text is an incomplete version. The book is «Eichmann in Jerusalem». Hannah Arendt proposes to consider a judgment of the Nazi- administrative Eichmann, not in a moral terms, but in regard to the environment the acts have been committed in. In everyday life, an act, however small and ordinary it seems to be, has consequences, and will cause a chain of other acts and consequences. Drawing is at the core of her practice. Marianne Mispelaëre observes and produces simple, concise and precise gestures, inspired by actual and social acts. Her work process focuses on the conditions of the appearances, their stakes and consequences. Her research explores social relations and interactions, languages and communication systems. She is interested in the first appearance of a personal or collective impulse in public space.

Text: Marianne Mispelaëre


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