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27.04.2022 – TONI BÖCKLE

Mittwoch, 27.04.2022



// Vernissage: Mi, 27.04.2022 ab 19 Uhr

// Öffnungszeiten:

  • Mittwoch, 04.05.2022 / ab 19:00
  • Freitag, 06.05.2022 / 19:30 – 21:00
  • Mittwoch, 11.05.2022 / ab 19:00
  • Freitag, 13.05.2022 / 19:30 – 21:00

// Finissage: Mi, 18.05.2022 ab 20:15 Uhr

Subtext: A collision of poetic bodies. Holes Are Hot Places co-senses the volcanic eruptivity of language along the blade of non-being. The urgency of giving name to the nameless comes with a punctuality of a fever: Grumbling surfaces of dreams and desires crush into each other, creating frictional heat until the im/possibility of speaking bursts out laughing. Hot mouths are spitting words rhythmically into air (the space between things). Performative language and corporeal writing become acts of throwing the trembling body back into the discourse. Each breath thinks and writes the Other back and forth in circles of feedbacks –Holes Are Hot Places is an in-finite conversation between (text) bodies with growing pores, a jubilation of shared af/finity, a manifesto for a queer-feminist future, a smashing into the heart.

Toni Böckle questions modes of alterity that are inscribed in body, flesh and bone. In her artistic work, language and everyday objects correlate with micro affects, muscle memory, the raising and lowering of the chest. She develops a poetic of desire that almost touches the (still) disembodied Other (in me before me). Toni Böckle studies in the M.F.A. Body, Theory and Poetics of the Performative at ABK Stuttgart with Cristina Gómez Barrio, Wolfgang Mayer, Niall Jones, Ines Kleesattel, Paula Kohlmann and Sergio Zevallos.

Introductory Words: The opening will be accompanied by context giving words from Paula Kohlmann who’s currently teaching the M.F.A. KTPP at ABK Stuttgart besides her work as curator and dramaturge at Theater Rampe.

Live-act: Let’s dance and celebrate to Dada-Pop and NDW. The band project Ingrids Enkel (DE, Stuttgart) plays a fresh set of flirtatious songs during the opening event.